Internet Crimes Against Children and Computer Forensics:

        I will continue to support and advance the Sheriff’s Office computer forensics unit and Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) operations. I have been actively involved in the creation and growth of these functions (most often behind the scenes) since their inception at the Sheriff’s Office within the past 5 years. Our computer forensics unit and ICAC operations are at the highest level in the country. Our computer forensics unit was recently highlighted on national television for their incredible efforts and advancements in technology during a homicide investigation.  Our ICAC operations have resulted in the arrest of numerous child sex predators from across the country. They protect our children and bring criminals to justice. I am proud of the ICAC investigators and what we have accomplished.  

Human Trafficking:

        I will continue to support and advance the Sheriff’s Office Human Trafficking Operations. We have actively advanced this initiative within the past two years and have found it to be a tremendous success. Sex trafficking is a modern form of slavery and unfortunately human trafficking occurs in nearly every community in the country. Sex traffickers use violence, threats and other forms of coercion to compel adults and children to engage in commercial sex acts against their will. To date, our Human Trafficking Operations have provided services to numerous victims in Brown County. I will ensure that we continue to help these victims trapped in a terrible cycle of abuse, encouraging them to become survivors and hold those individuals participating in these crimes accountable.

Brown County Drug Task Force:

        I will continue to support and advocate for the Brown County Drug Task Force. The Brown County Drug Task Force routinely disrupts and dismantles drug organizations by arresting individuals pushing heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine in our community. Having worked as an undercover Narcotics Investigator for nearly five years, I have a clear understanding how these dangerous drugs destroy families and our community as a whole. I will ensure the citizens of Brown County that the Drug Task Force has the resources necessary to combat the flow of dangerous drugs into Brown County. 

Crime Analysis Unit:

        I will work to ensure that we develop a crime analysis unit. The crime analysis unit will use data driven crime related intelligence to help direct our precious resources more effectively. In 2018,  Brown County will have a new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system which will allow for additional information gathering. The information gathered from the CAD system and our records management systems will be used to develop actionable intelligence. The crime analysis unit will be a valuable resource to our patrol and investigative divisions. 

School Safety:

        I am committed to working with the school districts within Brown County to enhance school safety. This is an issue that requires a multifaceted approach to improve school safety and security. Each school district within Brown County has different needs and current levels of security. Communication between the school districts, law enforcement and the community is essential in tackling this complex issue. I will continue to attend school safety meetings and be available to answer questions related to school safety for the school districts and concerned parents. The number one goal of a school is to educate our children! When a child feels comfortable and safe, learning is maximized. We must work together to continuously evaluate and improve school safety. 

Jail Overcrowding:

        I am committed to working with the Brown County Board of Supervisors and Criminal Justice Coordinating Board to resolve the jail overcrowding issue. The Sheriff does not get to choose who becomes incarcerated in the jail, however the jail does collect information that helps identify why the jail population is growing. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office supports programs that help elevate the jail population. I am committed to the specialty courts, electronic monitoring program (EMP), inmate work program and jail programing as ways to help reduce the jail overcrowding. That being said, we must have a safe and secure environment to house individuals that have demonstrated behavior within our community that requires their incarceration to maintain public safety for the law abiding citizens of Brown County.